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Shows/e A traditional Brother’s Grimm tale to delight and inspire all the Family !

Touring since: 2020


A very, very long time ago there lived a fisherman, together with his wife, in a small cottage made of dirty old metal. They had everything they ever needed and were happy and content.  Then one day a talking fish starts granting them wishes…

This traditional story from the fairy tale collection of the Brother’s Grimm has a sudden rebirth and renewed relevance in the present day. The story is told from a box, mounted at the front of a penny farthing bicycle and will keep both children and adults entertained.

The 20 minute show is ideal for outdoor performances and can be performed several times a day. A great festival show, but equally at home in Schools, alternative theatre spaces and even private gardens.




Puppets / Direction:         

20 minutes

4+ / family

Daniel Lempen

Liz Lempen

Special thanks to:

Günter Staniewski from Theater Lakupaka (Germany) who kindly gave us the permission to use his concept of performing this story from a penny farthing bicycle. Something he’d done for many years before us.

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