SKIPTON   PUPPET FESTIVAL Liz and Daniel are also   Directors of the biennial International Skipton  Puppet Festival.

Lempen Puppet Theatre Company tour their own unique brand of original stories told with puppets. Imaginative, spellbinding, surprising and sometimes bonkers, Lempen focus on puppetry, storytelling, light, music and a journey that takes audiences there and back again.

To make their theatre they are inspired by Myth and Folklore, by intriguing and unconventional characters, by their sense of humour and by matters that they care about. The company aims to produce quality productions for family audiences that connect the real world to the world of imagination.

Lempen Puppet Theatre tour extensively all over the UK, and have appeared at various festivals, theatres and schools in Austria, Belgium, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxenburg, Romania, Switzerland, Taiwan and Turks&Caicos.

In addition to performing their own work, the company responds to requests for workshops, training sessions, commissions and collaborations and amongst others have worked with Cusan Theatre, Thingumajig Theatre, Horse & Bamboo Theatre, Theater Lakupaka, Leeds City Variety Theatre, Yorkshire Dales National Park, Marine Conservation Society, Dynamic New Animation, German UNIMA. Since 2005 Liz and Daniel are artistic directors for Skipton International Puppet Festival.



makes things magic - a very special quality!”

Rachel Feldberg, Ilkley Literature Festival




“In the ShapeChanger Liz Lempen charmingly continues the company’s tradition of

beautifully crafted shows, delivered with style and control!”

Alistair Winch, Creative Arts East


Liz and Daniel also offer various workshops for Schools, Colleges etc...

and Liz has produced various puppets for other theatre companies and

film studios.



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