“A simple idea, the best ones often are, created with such loving

care and attention to detail that you just have to smile.

Sometimes three minutes is all that’s needed!”

 Dorothy Max Prior, Animations Online

Our selection of mini theatre shows:

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   Bookings / Information / Contact:

Liz or Daniel Lempen

                                                   01756 797 149    or    lempen@lempen.co.uk

The “Theatre for One” ensemble was part of a “Without Walls and Just So Festival” commission completed in 2017 with “Horse+Bamboo Thatre” and “Lempen Puppet Theatre” and was seen performing at:

Brighton Festival, Salisbury Festival, The Boo Festival, Just So Festival, Out There Festival, Skipton International Puppet Festival

Bookings / Information / Contact:

Liz or Daniel Lempen

01756 797 149       or       lempen@lempen.co.uk

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Theatre for One Artists:

Liz Lempen                      

Daniel Lempen                 

Lois Conlan                  

Noisy Oyster

Simone Lewis                

Hanna Habermann         

Taylor Jane Barnes

Nikky Norton Shafau       

Gretchen Maynard-Hahn

Uzma Kazi

Helen Ainsworth               

Catherine Buckle

Catherine Buckle

Lempen Puppet Theatre Company

Lempen Puppet Theatre Company

The Travelling Shadow Theatre

Noisy Oyster

Simone Lewis

Hanna Habermann

Becoming Storybook

Helen and Johan


by Lempen Puppet Theatre (all ages / 5+)

An in-utero private view of the World's first pregnant man. Watch the cute, but rather strange baby as it moves around in the belly.


by Catherine Buckle (ages / 0 +)

Take a seat and wait for the door

to open... watch and see

what the magical mouse is making!


by Noisy Oyster (ages / 5+)

Rodney the Rod never let anything get

away, look into the lighthouse

to discover his fate.


by Uzma Kazi (ages / 5+)

Gabriel has been drawing flower pots for the last 20 years! He is bored and is in search of inspiration! Can you help him?  'Artist at Work' invites you into the world of the artist’s brain and studio - what surprises will you experience?!


by Lempen Puppet Theatre (ages / 6+)

Come and join Dr Frankenstein at his

work table and watch him at work.

Unsurprisingly he’s creating a new  life!



by Hanna Habermann (ages / 7+)

Sugar and Spice and all things nice?! Oh Dear! What has Rachel been up to? Small Rachel is the youngest in her family and tired of not being heard. On her little kitchen table, she does some experiments to take revenge.


by Lempen Puppet Theatre (ages / 7+)

From the workshop of the school of Charles Darwin we have a time travelling box that is connected to the roots of the tree of life. Now we can discover the origin of species. Let’s look at the modern puppet!


by Helen Ainsworth  (over 6/7 years old)

The lovable eccentric scientist Dr Ingve Zotterman would like to take a tickly sample from your hand and place it in her wonderful haliflecton transmogrifier. Next watch the adventures of your bacteria inside the machine after they have been transmogrified!


by Lempen Puppet Theatre (ages / 6+)

Have a look down the “Belescope” and see the

habitat and habits of the belly bug.

Enjoy the dance of life!


by Gretchen Maynard-Hahn (ages / 6+)

Do you dare discover what lies in the Belly of the Beast? Take a seat, peer down the throat and discover the inner workings of a lion - if you’re lucky you might even meet the last meal this big cat gobbled up!




by Simone Lewis (ages / 6+)

A front row seat! Now in you peer.

What jams inside the inner ear?

A 3-minute audio-visual journey for both young and old into a giant ear canal.


by Lois Conlan (ages / 6+)

Pop your head into the dolls house and experience three minutes of insanity, playfulness and bewilderment. Using puppetry, comical sounds and movement, I present a truly unforgettable and slightly mad theatre experience.


by Taylor Barnes (ages / 4+)

Beyond the Rainbow, around the Gooseberry Bush and up high in the Tree, meet the inhabitants of Granny's Garden. Who will you see? There's a surprise is in store for Granny and also one for you, so let's explore the Garden and see what everyone is up to.


by Lempen Puppet Theatre (ages / 7+)

Enjoy a calming journey

amidst a busy town centre.

Dive to the riverbed without getting wet

and find out who lives there...


by Nikky Norton Shafau (ages / 6+)

Enjoy the poetic wisdom of the Poetree.

What seed will you sew?

What chapter will you write?